Sunday, November 12, 2017


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She walks with a limp.

She sits and rocks, forward and back.

Why?  Just, why?

Please hold her in your positive energy.

*On our way to southwest for the winter, she walks and rocks in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Waterfalls, Water, Mountains, Glacier National Park

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JULY 2013

We have driven to the Logan's Pass area once more, this time from the eastern side of the park, and now, we must turn and go down the mountain again.  Reminder, we are driving the Going to the Sun Road.

Need to have a panoramic.  I wish you could see this one on my monitor!  SIGH

And, we need waterfalls, there is one, see it so far off in the distance?

Yes, let's zoom in on that one.

Nearby our turnout/parking spot, right on the road, is this lovely waterfall, people love to go stand in the mist.

And, here is one more water fall, which, if I remember correctly, I had to lean and stretch to capture.  These water falls, I believe, are along Reynolds Creek and Lunch Creek.

I cannot stop my awe, look at that upside down bowl affect, almost perfect in shape, Mother Nature is so awesome.  On Google maps, this is very near an area they call Big Drift.

You can see, it was quite overcast this day.  My new photo editing software has a "haze" removal tool.  I think I like it!  This is Saint Mary Lake.  Saint Mary Lake is rather long, this is at the western end (we are heading east).

We will see more on this long day.  I have previewed about half of the photos of the almost 500 I took that day.  We are a little over half way through them.  Lots more fun and interesting things to see.  Many more blog posts.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Where in the World is Carmen, errr, Carol

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Yes, I am still around, here, there, busy, busy, busy.

We have been dealing with some icky first world problems with the house, like new frig and a new entrance door.  Now, you know how it is, nothing goes smoothly, there are always bumps in the road.  Of course, there are.

We also were busy with my mom this summer, she came for a scheduled visit, we kept very busy fixing her up with a new iPhone and iPad.  Sent her home and 10 days later, she had to evacuate for Irma.  We were sure glad she could get a plane ticket and sit out that mess up here.  Her house fared quite well, a few very minor damages, except of course for the foliage.  Oh, the FOLIAGE!!

All that said, for me, another monster time and energy suck has been a new computer.  I jumped ship, from Windows to a Mac.  What a jump it has been.  Not there yet, but, getting there.

Here it is upon delivery.  Yes, it is a desktop.  After about 20 years of laptops, I jumped ship on that too.  I am not doing near the library research I was in years past, and my iPad is a great research tool in the libraries.  So, here I am, in 2017, back to a desktop!  Can you believe it??  I barely can.

And, here it is the other day when I finally managed to get around to hooking up the printer.

One of the bugaboos has been the fact that I chose for many reasons to also install Parallels and Windows 8.1 and Legacy Genealogy Software for my family history data base.  Leave it to me to take the more difficult path.  Of course, I did.  

As many friends have said, Carol, you are fighting off Alzheimers.  Exercise that brain.  OKKKK, that is a "lemonade" way to look at all of this.

I am by no means accomplished, I am still stumbling around.  All that said, I LOVE the screen resolution.  Oh, MY!!!!!  I even managed to use "Preview" for the first time tonight to process these two photos.

And, that is how Carol spent her summer.

We hope to be able to travel again this winter.  The red of Arizona calls our names - - so, we have tentative plans, written in red red dust, very thick dust.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Those Ancestors - - They Just Keep Surprising Us.

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Seriously, you just never know what little tidbit of your ancestor's life may show up.  Or when.

Recently during a visit to Michigan, Mom brought along photos and such.  And, this!!!

Who knew??  I can tell you, I had no idea.  She believes this was around 1936?  I can tell you that badge was very well made, and preserved.  Well preserved.  

Indeed, they just keep surprising us.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Oh, Edna. If This IS You, Just Too Sad for Words

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The other night the 1921 Canadian Census became available online, thanks to the Library and Archives of Canada.  

I hit up the search engine late in the evening, cause, well, I had to.  Sleep?  Nah.  Search. Ya!

I went first to Nova Scotia to see what I might find on Man's Fenton clan there.  I found the enumeration of William and Ida (Jarvis) Fenton and noted there were 2 adopted sons in the household.  Both with the surname of Sisco.  I dug around, messaged with a Fenton researcher I share with and we identified both.  

My fast and furious searches and clicks and shocked findings are a blur now, so, to tell you the chronological search is just about impossible. Plus the fact that as the night grew cold and old and the new day dawned (meaning I searched until about 2 AM in the morning), and I grew tired, ok, MORE tired, well, the gut kept screaming, this is IT, THIS IS IT!.  But, I was so taken back by the revelations, that I knew I had to try to sleep on it, and redo the research and make better notes, and really give this all some time to seep into my core.

The short of it is, that I went to the Nova Scotia Vital Statistics site and I searched Sisco, and I started looking at just about every Sisco birth, marriage and death available.

Before I go on, I would urge you to read my story about Man's grandmother, Edna May Fenton Stevens.  Pay particular close attention to her MIA years, 1901 to 1918.  Also, note, that we have installed a headstone for Edna and Arthur since I wrote this post in 2010.  I'll be here after you read her story - - 

So, you read it?  From the piece, you saw this right?

"She does not appear on the 1911 census.  In fact, from 1901 until 1918 we have no idea where Edna is or what she is doing."

In all these years, despite many hours of researching, and even a quick trip to Nova Scotia last year, I never found another hint of any kind at what happened to Edna.  Not. One.  Hint!

But, while hunting Sisco, I found this birth record.  Please note, this is only part of the record.  From the top, name of the child, sex, birthday and place, name of father, maiden name of mother, residence of father, occupation of father, place of birth of father and race of father.

Note the name of the mother.  Edna May Fenton. As far as I know, and believe me, in this game, we never assume we know it all, there is only one Edna May Fenton that lives or lived in this area of Nova Scotia.  Man's grandmother.

You know I went looking for a marriage.  And, there is one, sorta. There is no date or place of the marriage.  Her age is not given.  Her name is noted as May Fenton.  There are no parents names. The record does not state where the parties of the marriage were born.  No name of the person that married them.  In other words, we have his name:  Alvin Sisco; her name:  May Fenton; his age is given as 21, he is a bachelor, she is single, and he is a labourer and they both live in Yarmouth.  You can find it on that Nova Scotia site, search for Sisco, marriages, 1908.

OKKK, from here on out, I am going to just list events in time line fashion.  Since I am sure in my own heart, but, feel still a bit shaky at the paper trail, please take this with a grain of salt.  I may have the wrong Edna May Fenton.  (It happens.) My findings so far, all events in or around Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

1908 Alvin Sisco and May Fenton at least file some paper work indicating a marriage between the two.

March 25, 1909, Muriel Sisco is born to Alvin Sisco and Edna May Fenton..

May 15, 1910, Alice May Sisco is born to Alvin Sisco and Edna May Fenton.

May 8, 1911, Bernie Sisco is born to Alvin and Edna May Fenton.  More on Bernie later.

1911 Canadian census we find Alvin born Sept 1887; Edna born March 1890; Muriel born March 1909; Alice born May 1910; Bernard, born May 1911 (he is listed as one month old).  Also in the household are David and Arthur Sisco, whom, I have determined are Alvin's brothers.

Jan 29, 1912, Alice May Sisco dies, father Alvin.

April 13, 1912, William Sisco is born, father Alvin, mother Edna May Fenton.

June 22, 1913, one "Bernard" Sisco dies, father, Alvin.  Age 13 months.  It is my belief that this is actually William Sisco born on April 13, 1912.  Given name in error.  From grief and ongoing health issues of the father, as:

August 14, 1913, Alvin Sisco dies, he had been ill for well over a year.

Now, extra notes I have gathered and am still working on:

That Bernard Sisco born May 8, 1911 is found living with William and Ida Fenton on the 1921 census as an adopted son.  Bernard Fenton dies in 1934.  Birth date of Bernard Fenton is the same as that of Bernie Sisco.  Parents listed on death certificate are William and Ida Fenton.  I know, it is muddy.  Bernard Fenton who died in 1934 is the same as Bernie Sisco born May 8, 1911.

Muriel Sisco marries one Roland Archibold Jacklyn.  The marriage record names her father as Alvin and her mother as Edna Fenton.  

You bet the search continues. And, yep, I am still in a bit of shock.  After 26 years of research, I figured I would never find Edna from 1901 to 1918.  There is still the time period of 1913 to 1918.  How did she get to the greater Detroit area to marry Man's grandfather?  Where is Muriel between 1911 and 1935?

Is this even close to being correct?

If it is, Edna gave birth to 4 children, 2 of whom subsequently died, and her husband died as well.  All of this took place from 1908 to 1913.  Five short years.

Just too sad for words.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

And, Oscar Helped to Built The Hotel Lassen in 1918

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From the Arkansas City Daily Traveler, Arkansas City, Kansas,  4 Feb 1918, Page 8:


Former Arkansas City Man Does His Bit in The War.

Speeding Arkansas Cityward from Wichita, last night, Oscar Lashbrook was happy because he had some money in a bank in this city that would help Uncle Sam win the war against the kaiser.  He went to the bank this morning and invested a neat sum, several hundred dollars in Baby Bonds.

Oscar is working on the new Lassen hotel, a ten story building going up on  Market street in Wichita.  He said Witchita was not stopping public improvements on account of the war and that considerable building would be done there this spring.   He said Arkansas City seemed more active to him than it ever had before and he believes this city is going to give Wichita a big race for the metropolis of Kansas."

As frequently happens while I am consolidating, linking and cleaning, I see some article, like this one, and the next thing I know I am off somewhere in the deep tunnels of research and find some little jewel.  Like a photo of the building taken in 2012:

Photo was found on a Wikipedia page, and tells us:

"The Lassen Hotel in Wichita, Kansas, also known as Market Centre, was built in 1918. It was designed by architects Richards, McCarty & Bulford. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984."

And, Oscar helped build it in 1918.

* Photo By By Judy Handley - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Accepting My Own Challenge

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It's my birthday.  I am not much for the hoopla.  This morning started out bad and went downhill from there.

I was woken from a dead sleep about 8ish with the house shaking and a loud sound.  It felt and sounded as if it came from the walls/roof surrounding my bedroom.  Man felt it and heard it too.  He went out and did a full walk around and found NOTHING.  No feathers, fur or blood anywhere. With that much sound, if a living thing hit the house, one would think there would be evidence??  We can find NONE.

We did see 2 or 3 turkey vultures ON the roof on that end of the house several hours later.  

After that rude awakening, hoping for a quieter day, it went downhill more.  I'll save you from that ranting, but, it got so bad around here that Man actually turned on some house hunting show before I shot out the television.  Actually, I would have had to toss a rock through it, as we don't own guns.

And, the BD wishes started on Facebook, bless my friends and thank you.  

And, then, I issued the challenge.  

Here is what I want for my birthday.
I want for you to take the energy and the time spent wishing me a happy birthday to go do or say something wonderful to someone who is in desperate need.
My problems are all first world ones, and my birthday is just a day to me.
THAT is how you can wish me a happy birthday!

A few minutes later, while getting ready to go out for my BD lunch, I had this moment, and this is what I did, I accepted my own challenge.  Blessings to Children With Hair Loss.

Her comb is 6 inches long, so I donated about 10?  Give or take.  Children With Hair Loss need 8 inches minimum.

And, that is how you turn a bad day into a day of giving.  Lemons to Lemonade.

Peace - -


Monday, July 24, 2017

Breaking News - - Census - - Back in 1900

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Things pop up when I research and they have resurfaced while I am working on consolidation of my computer and ALLLLLLLL those files.  One was a few articles that discussed the 1900 census enumeration.  Found during a surname search for Darden in newspapers.

From the June 1, 1900 issue of the Virginian Pilot:


Takers of the Tweltfh U.S. Census to Start Enumeration.

They will Ask Personal Questions, but Uncle Same Has Ordered Them Asked - - 
Who the Enumerators Are - - The Pay They Get.

The census takers will begin their rounds at 8 o'clock this morning.  They go out armed with authority, and though they will ask some personal questions, it's Uncle Same himself who has ordered these inquiries, and there's no use to kick.  You're liable to a fine from $100 to $500 if you fail to answer the questions, but, on the other hand, you are protected from gossipping enumerators by a provision placing a like fine on enumerators divulging any information they secure. Neither, are they allowed to keep a duplicate of the answers.

The enumerators went through their final drill yesterday afternoon before Mr. E. M. Darden, special agent of Census Supervisor H.E. Smith, of this district.

The pay of the enumerators will be as follows:  Two and a half cents for each person listed; 5 cents for each death recorded; 5 cents for the name of each owner of live stock; 5 cents for each person enumerated who has very defective sight, hearing or speech."

(Article goes on to list the enumerators of Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Berkley, Virginia. I have seen other articles as I research that mention similar.  You might find something about one of your ancestors this way.  I know I have at least one enumerator from Man's family.)

The images are the columns and questions asked on the 1900 census:

From the Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Virginia, June 16, 1900:



The census takers in Norfolk were supposed to have completed their enumeration of the population yesterday, but, several of the enumerators having large districts failed to cover their territory in the allotted time.  Their time will have to be extended a day or two.  Some of them will not complete their work today, and probably Monday and Tuesday will be taken up by these enumerators in completing their canvas.

Mr. E. M. Darden, special agent of Census Supervisor Smith, of this district, said yesterday that he believed the population of Norfolk would reach nearly 70,000, or maybe 75,000.  Every effort is being made to get a full count.

Through the co-operation of the police force the homeless class is being enumerated. 

There are a large number of deck hands in Norfolk, who would never be found at their supposed homes by the enumerators."

I found the fines and the amounts paid each enumerator to be quite interesting.  As well as the mention of the guess of the population count, the homeless and "deck hands" counting.  It should be noted, that according to a Wikipedia page about Norfolk that the population for 1900 was reported at 46,624.  Berkley was annexed into Norfolk on January 1, 1906, no count was found in a quick search.  The population of Portsmouth was reported on a Wikipedia page to be 17,427 in 1900.  It appears that Mr. Darden's suggested 70,000 to 75,000 population of the "district" was fairly close.  Well done Mr. Darden.   (P.S.  Now, WHO are you Mr. E. M. Darden?)


Friday, July 21, 2017

Some Research Days My Head Just Hurts

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In the ongoing input consolidation project, some days I just shake my head so much, back and forth, in confusion and disbelief, that I give myself headaches.

I'll keep revisiting this one, of course, until I figure it out.

Here is his death certificate, State of Missouri, father correct, birth place correct.

Then, there is this document, which is an application for a headstone for Harvey W. Halterman, to be delivered to Broadway, Virginia.  The data base is named United States Headstone Applications for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925-1949, I located it at FamilySearch originally.   I uncovered it during my consolidation.  I did not have it linked to a specific Harvey.  I checked my data base, at this time I only have ONE Harvey.  BUT - - - 

I have yet to locate a headstone in or around Mathias West Virginia for Harvey.  There is a Find  A Grave memorial for him,  in Ray County, Missouri.

My logic takes a major hit when I note the date of the application, 1932 vs the date of death from the death certificate, 1934.  

Then, I note the name of the person ordering this headstone, a historian from a U.D.C. chapter.  Scratching my sore head, I wonder, why is she ordering a headstone?

And, where did that thing GO?

My head hurts.

Yes, I have discovered there is ANOTHER Harvey W. Halterman, born about 1833, in Rockingham County Virginia, different father, but, may have also been in Missouri at some point.  I need to really followup on Harvey W., son of Aaron.  That may be the key here.

There there are two military sets of records:

According to the U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914, a Harvey, enlisted on April 25, 1872 in Kentucky. The record indicates he was from Rockingham County, Virginia, was aged 21, farmer, had hazel eyes, light brown hair, ruddy complexion, was 5' 10" tall, and deserted May 26, 1872 at St. Louis, Missouri. So, do the math, 1872 - 21, means born ca 1851.  Hmmmm.  Must be ANOTHER Harvey.  Ya, fun.

The second Military record (found so far) is a set of compiled service records for Harvey W. Halterman who served in Company B, 11 Virginia Calvary, who served in 1863-64, was captured and released in exchange in February of 1865.

More research time required.  After I get rid of the headache.

*  Please refer to my Disclaimer page at the top of Reflections.  The brief version - - I use many genie sites.  I pay when it is required.  No discounts other than what you can get for yourself.  They don't ask me to review.  No deals.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunrift Gorge, East Side, Glacier National Park.

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JULY    2013

We stopped at Sunrift Gorge, and took a hike.  This stop was ALL about the water and water falls.  We had to walk down (and later, of course, back UP!  LOL)

Every one had a camera - -

And  here is why:

Another example of that clear glacier water.

The gorge!

*  The day is not over yet, we have so much more to see and do.  Will be back soon with more of our great day on the east side of Glacier National Park.


Monday, July 17, 2017

A Grandmother's Tears, In Her Own Words.

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(Presented in her own spellings, grammar, punctuation.  I added some white space and dashes to hopefully assist with the reading.)

Grandma’s Thoughts

When Patrica Mother died Oct. 12, 1941 she was a good mother and loved her baby, when she went back to the hospital the second time she told Mildred  -  went they took her down stairs where they were living   -  Please Mildred take care of my baby, Mildred said, I sure will and don’t worry  -  then they left the baby at my daughter Hedwig house and was there 6 weeks  -    What a sweet baby she was   -   then on Thankgiving day, after we had Thankgiving dinner over at Hedwig  -  Ernie wanted me to take her so we brought her home that night    -  we had a baby bed and all her baby clothes such nice clothes.   -  We gave her Mother a baby shower and sure were nice clothes   -  then we put the baby bed in the front room where it was nice and warm and my bedroom in the backroom so it was quite hard get up at night to give her, her bottle  -   but I loved to do it,  -  she was my sweetheart, at eight months I had her picture taken in the front room on the coauch she make such a pretty picture   I had one large Picture and 8 small ones

Page 2

in May 1942 I took to a children specialist twice a month at Goodell school   -  this Dr Louis he came from Wyanotte Hospital very well known through the river district, she got shots as what baby suppose to have three times   -  the Dr said she is a healthy baby and is doing fine   He asked about her parents.  I told him her mother died, when the baby was 3 wks old and her dad was somewhere which we didn’t know, but, that they both had T.B.  So he asked me if her dady wasn’t cure of that dicease then I shouldn’t let the baby come close to him, if he should come around,  -  but he never showed up till 1948   -  the baby walked when 11 months  -  O we had so much fun with her to learn her to walk it was fun, she learn to talk very fast and at 2 she started to sing  -  O she said out those words so cute  -  Rosa Day and nursnery rhymes and lot other words, by then she was 3 yrs old we got a large baby bed for her and put her in our bedroom,   -  she learn to say her prayer, Now I lay me down to sleep.

Page 3

and her table paryers, Abba farther Amen,   -  and got a high chair, where she really like to sit and enjoy her meals,   -  she ate everything soup, vegetables fruits  -   when she was just a small baby she had Dexmalto Karo syrup and ornage juice and cod liver oil.   She growed up to be a healthy girl   -  play out side lots of frech air, not like the city smoke and dust and family living close together out here -  it was like in the country  -   O how she liked to pay out side with her bicycle and with her slede in the winter  -  played with her friends   -  when she was five I sent her to Kindergarden and Calvary Luth school   -  always had her dressed warm and clean   -  always clean she had a nice snow suit a red plaid it was sure nice and cute  -   the Minister pick her up for school every morning and the teacher brought her home at night,  -  O how I love my Baby  -  when she was six yrs old she was in the first grade  -  she went with us to church every Sunday and how she like to sing in

Page 4 {note: the left top of this page has been ripped off, affecting the first 5 lines, which I will indicate with three dots, like so     ... }

... then when she was seven
...was in the 2 grade Mrs. Grube
...was her first teacher   Mrs Schuller
...was her 3 grade teacher and her was Mrs. Nuetchlein was her last teacher,  -  so I don’t know what teacher she has now her daddy pick her up of the street near our neighbor place May 16   -  What a shame   -  O how I miss her,   -  she has a two wheel bicyle, and many other play thing stories books - color books  - painting set, teddy bear and dolls -  a cradle rocking chair and a toy paino   -  puppy  - we always had a dog for her to play, ice skates  - sled, jumping rope  -  balls of all kinds  -  we got her every thing she needed   - what a child needs,   -  she was so happy with us  -  God Bless her where ever she may be  -  I want her to come home to grandma & grandpa then we will be a happy family again  -  she loved her Grandpa  -  went fishing with him, took her to school with the car  -    took her to the toy factory.

(Here is a photo of Patricia and her grandmother, Lilly Anna Gerth Gehrke, one of the dolls, and if you look in the bottom left corner, one of the puppies.) 

* I believe that this was written on the occasion of a court appearance over custody of Patricia.  The father won custody.  The family rift continued for years.  Patricia's life was hard, she eventually lived with another family, with whom she grew up. She described her early life, "My mother died at my birth; my father had no use for me.  I grew up dirty, many times begging for food and living in a car.  When I was twelve, I ran away and lived with an elderly couple till the age of seventeen.  These people were very good to me."  Yes, I have written about Patricia several times before here on Reflections.  See the links below.

Wordless Wednesday, Patricia Bell Lombardini

Wordless Wednesday, almost wordless

85th Carnival of Genealogy, Orphans and Orphans

I also wrote about Patricia's mother:

99th Edition Carnival of Genealogy, Religious Rites Can Tell A Life Story


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Going to the Sun Road, Saint Marys, Go West Young Man - -

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JULY     2013

We arrive at the Visitors Center, Saint Mary.  Time for a walk, some photos, some learning opportunities.  One thing we learn is that we will experience some road re-construction, much as on the west side of Logan's Pass.  Standing in the parking lot. this is the view.  Not bad for a parking lot, eh?

It's not just the beauty of the mountains, it's the wild flowers, weeds, Mother Nature.

After some time spent learning, and stretching our legs, we head out, going from east to west, Going to the Sun Road.  Seems this creature was as well.  I am fairly sure this was a coyote, but, welcome corrections.

Having rarely, well, never, seen coyotes up close and personal, this was a bit concerning to me.  Again, having very little knowledge, this one looks quite thin, and was continually "yawning".  I have two photos of it yawning, running and yawning.  My camera recorded these photos over the time frame of about one minute.  No, we did NOT get out of Jolly.

This is a view of Saint Mary Lake.

Yes, there is construction.

Wild Goose Island, an extremely popular photo stop.

Many of the Red Bus Tours stop here for photo ops, one of the tour guides insisted we MUST have a photo of us in front of the island.  OK, here ya go!

A very popular and time honored way to travel the Going to the Sun Road is via a Red Bus tour, here is one.  It's a great way for the driver to get to gawk and not drive off the road.  It's on my bucket list for any future visit to Glacier.  (Please ignore Jolly's antenna on the far far right of this photo. Ooopsie, forgot to crop it out.  LOL)

More construction:

Of course, Man was quite interested in the machinery and such:

One last photo of the always gorgeous mountains.

We will stop soon for a visit to Sunrift Gorge where we would hike down and then back out.  It was so beautiful.  hat's our next post.