Friday, July 21, 2017

Some Research Days My Head Just Hurts

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In the ongoing input consolidation project, some days I just shake my head so much, back and forth, in confusion and disbelief, that I give myself headaches.

I'll keep revisiting this one, of course, until I figure it out.

Here is his death certificate, State of Missouri, father correct, birth place correct.

Then, there is this document, which is an application for a headstone for Harvey W. Halterman, to be delivered to Broadway, Virginia.  The data base is named United States Headstone Applications for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925-1949, I located it at FamilySearch originally.   I uncovered it during my consolidation.  I did not have it linked to a specific Harvey.  I checked my data base, at this time I only have ONE Harvey.  BUT - - - 

I have yet to locate a headstone in or around Mathias West Virginia for Harvey.  There is a Find  A Grave memorial for him,  in Ray County, Missouri.

My logic takes a major hit when I note the date of the application, 1932 vs the date of death from the death certificate, 1934.  

Then, I note the name of the person ordering this headstone, a historian from a U.D.C. chapter.  Scratching my sore head, I wonder, why is she ordering a headstone?

And, where did that thing GO?

My head hurts.

Yes, I have discovered there is ANOTHER Harvey W. Halterman, born about 1833, in Rockingham County Virginia, different father, but, may have also been in Missouri at some point.  I need to really followup on Harvey W., son of Aaron.  That may be the key here.

There there are two military sets of records:

According to the U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914, a Harvey, enlisted on April 25, 1872 in Kentucky. The record indicates he was from Rockingham County, Virginia, was aged 21, farmer, had hazel eyes, light brown hair, ruddy complexion, was 5' 10" tall, and deserted May 26, 1872 at St. Louis, Missouri. So, do the math, 1872 - 21, means born ca 1851.  Hmmmm.  Must be ANOTHER Harvey.  Ya, fun.

The second Military record (found so far) is a set of compiled service records for Harvey W. Halterman who served in Company B, 11 Virginia Calvary, who served in 1863-64, was captured and released in exchange in February of 1865.

More research time required.  After I get rid of the headache.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunrift Gorge, East Side, Glacier National Park.

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JULY    2013

We stopped at Sunrift Gorge, and took a hike.  This stop was ALL about the water and water falls.  We had to walk down (and later, of course, back UP!  LOL)

Every one had a camera - -

And  here is why:

Another example of that clear glacier water.

The gorge!

*  The day is not over yet, we have so much more to see and do.  Will be back soon with more of our great day on the east side of Glacier National Park.


Monday, July 17, 2017

A Grandmother's Tears, In Her Own Words.

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(Presented in her own spellings, grammar, punctuation.  I added some white space and dashes to hopefully assist with the reading.)

Grandma’s Thoughts

When Patrica Mother died Oct. 12, 1941 she was a good mother and loved her baby, when she went back to the hospital the second time she told Mildred  -  went they took her down stairs where they were living   -  Please Mildred take care of my baby, Mildred said, I sure will and don’t worry  -  then they left the baby at my daughter Hedwig house and was there 6 weeks  -    What a sweet baby she was   -   then on Thankgiving day, after we had Thankgiving dinner over at Hedwig  -  Ernie wanted me to take her so we brought her home that night    -  we had a baby bed and all her baby clothes such nice clothes.   -  We gave her Mother a baby shower and sure were nice clothes   -  then we put the baby bed in the front room where it was nice and warm and my bedroom in the backroom so it was quite hard get up at night to give her, her bottle  -   but I loved to do it,  -  she was my sweetheart, at eight months I had her picture taken in the front room on the coauch she make such a pretty picture   I had one large Picture and 8 small ones

Page 2

in May 1942 I took to a children specialist twice a month at Goodell school   -  this Dr Louis he came from Wyanotte Hospital very well known through the river district, she got shots as what baby suppose to have three times   -  the Dr said she is a healthy baby and is doing fine   He asked about her parents.  I told him her mother died, when the baby was 3 wks old and her dad was somewhere which we didn’t know, but, that they both had T.B.  So he asked me if her dady wasn’t cure of that dicease then I shouldn’t let the baby come close to him, if he should come around,  -  but he never showed up till 1948   -  the baby walked when 11 months  -  O we had so much fun with her to learn her to walk it was fun, she learn to talk very fast and at 2 she started to sing  -  O she said out those words so cute  -  Rosa Day and nursnery rhymes and lot other words, by then she was 3 yrs old we got a large baby bed for her and put her in our bedroom,   -  she learn to say her prayer, Now I lay me down to sleep.

Page 3

and her table paryers, Abba farther Amen,   -  and got a high chair, where she really like to sit and enjoy her meals,   -  she ate everything soup, vegetables fruits  -   when she was just a small baby she had Dexmalto Karo syrup and ornage juice and cod liver oil.   She growed up to be a healthy girl   -  play out side lots of frech air, not like the city smoke and dust and family living close together out here -  it was like in the country  -   O how she liked to pay out side with her bicycle and with her slede in the winter  -  played with her friends   -  when she was five I sent her to Kindergarden and Calvary Luth school   -  always had her dressed warm and clean   -  always clean she had a nice snow suit a red plaid it was sure nice and cute  -   the Minister pick her up for school every morning and the teacher brought her home at night,  -  O how I love my Baby  -  when she was six yrs old she was in the first grade  -  she went with us to church every Sunday and how she like to sing in

Page 4 {note: the left top of this page has been ripped off, affecting the first 5 lines, which I will indicate with three dots, like so     ... }

... then when she was seven
...was in the 2 grade Mrs. Grube
...was her first teacher   Mrs Schuller
...was her 3 grade teacher and her was Mrs. Nuetchlein was her last teacher,  -  so I don’t know what teacher she has now her daddy pick her up of the street near our neighbor place May 16   -  What a shame   -  O how I miss her,   -  she has a two wheel bicyle, and many other play thing stories books - color books  - painting set, teddy bear and dolls -  a cradle rocking chair and a toy paino   -  puppy  - we always had a dog for her to play, ice skates  - sled, jumping rope  -  balls of all kinds  -  we got her every thing she needed   - what a child needs,   -  she was so happy with us  -  God Bless her where ever she may be  -  I want her to come home to grandma & grandpa then we will be a happy family again  -  she loved her Grandpa  -  went fishing with him, took her to school with the car  -    took her to the toy factory.

(Here is a photo of Patricia and her grandmother, Lilly Anna Gerth Gehrke, one of the dolls, and if you look in the bottom left corner, one of the puppies.) 

* I believe that this was written on the occasion of a court appearance over custody of Patricia.  The father won custody.  The family rift continued for years.  Patricia's life was hard, she eventually lived with another family, with whom she grew up. She described her early life, "My mother died at my birth; my father had no use for me.  I grew up dirty, many times begging for food and living in a car.  When I was twelve, I ran away and lived with an elderly couple till the age of seventeen.  These people were very good to me."  Yes, I have written about Patricia several times before here on Reflections.  See the links below.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Going to the Sun Road, Saint Marys, Go West Young Man - -

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JULY     2013

We arrive at the Visitors Center, Saint Mary.  Time for a walk, some photos, some learning opportunities.  One thing we learn is that we will experience some road re-construction, much as on the west side of Logan's Pass.  Standing in the parking lot. this is the view.  Not bad for a parking lot, eh?

It's not just the beauty of the mountains, it's the wild flowers, weeds, Mother Nature.

After some time spent learning, and stretching our legs, we head out, going from east to west, Going to the Sun Road.  Seems this creature was as well.  I am fairly sure this was a coyote, but, welcome corrections.

Having rarely, well, never, seen coyotes up close and personal, this was a bit concerning to me.  Again, having very little knowledge, this one looks quite thin, and was continually "yawning".  I have two photos of it yawning, running and yawning.  My camera recorded these photos over the time frame of about one minute.  No, we did NOT get out of Jolly.

This is a view of Saint Mary Lake.

Yes, there is construction.

Wild Goose Island, an extremely popular photo stop.

Many of the Red Bus Tours stop here for photo ops, one of the tour guides insisted we MUST have a photo of us in front of the island.  OK, here ya go!

A very popular and time honored way to travel the Going to the Sun Road is via a Red Bus tour, here is one.  It's a great way for the driver to get to gawk and not drive off the road.  It's on my bucket list for any future visit to Glacier.  (Please ignore Jolly's antenna on the far far right of this photo. Ooopsie, forgot to crop it out.  LOL)

More construction:

Of course, Man was quite interested in the machinery and such:

One last photo of the always gorgeous mountains.

We will stop soon for a visit to Sunrift Gorge where we would hike down and then back out.  It was so beautiful.  hat's our next post.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Heading Into The East Side of Glacier National Park - - Getting There is Stunning Too

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July      2013

We are going to head into Glacier National Park from the east side.  Looking at the photos, I now realize, it must have been fairly overcast.  But, it was not snow and we could not stay here forever, reservations are kinda  hard to come by during the summer, eh??

SOOO, lets start in, there is a great underpass/bridge to start our day off.  By the way, 13 foot at the outside of this underpass would be VERY close for Tana.  We figure since the IS and new tires and all that, we are running about 13 foot 1 inch.  We are just as happy today to only being traveling with Jolly. This is at East Glacier Park.  I have seen other photos of this underpass that actually have the words "Glacier National Park".  Guess it needed painting a time or two??  Nevertheless, let's get rolling - - 

Heading to the park entrance at Saint Mary Visitor Center, seems a few others are doing the same.  Motorhome, motor cycle, come one, come all.  At this point the road is 49.

This is Lower Two Medicine Lake, looking one direction:

Looking the other direction:

Panoramic.  Amazing.  I wish you could see this on my nice monitor.  It's amazing!

Still driving on 49, you can see the road, squint a bit!  LOL

Now, how's that for some spectacular rock formation??

We never quite know what we will see, besides the cars, trucks, motorhomes, motor cycles, bicycles, there is the occasional horse (note, there is also a dog tagging along for the day.)

We are now driving on 89, the scenery continues to take our breath away.  I believe this was an area that had been burned.

Looking down at Saint Mary Lake. We will turn and drive along the lake until we come to the Visitor Center.

It was so pretty I had to take more than one photo, OF COURSE, one portrait, one horizon.

Another view of Saint Mary Lake, every bend in the road gives us different view points.

We would stop at the Visitors Center before we head up the Going to the Sun Road. More coming soon.  I took over 460 photos this long day of sightseeing.  I wish the skies had been blue, but, we were so amazed that we did not notice much.  Sometimes the sun is not a good thing as it just overwhelms.  Cloudless days do make for pretty blue skies/shots though.  But, we cannot be picky, and with scenery this gorgeous, I barely noticed it was not sunny.

This part of the day's journey is about 33 miles, give or take, from East Glacier Park to Two Medicine Junction, on to Kiowa, and finally to Saint Mary.  Point of interest, 49 is closed in the winter.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Show Dog Experience:: Memories

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Back in 1999 and 2000 I had the learning experience of showing our Captain Hook in the show ring.  He was about 9 months old.  He hated the judges. Oooopsie.  He had a nice long flowing coat even at that young age, I thought he had a cute wiggle trot to show that coat off.  Alas, his coat was not the quality of the Champions, and, well, he had the most tarter on his teeth of any dog that age I have ever seen. And, there was that hating the judge issue. Now, this is not a whining/rant session. Nope, I am not complaining. Those faults ended up with Man and I being the caretakers of such a sweet dog.

So, why share this little episode of my life now?  Ahhh, blame it on that consolidation project.  I found his "ribbons" late last night.  Or, most of them.  I am not sure that I have not "misplaced" one or two.  (Happens)

So, I decided to write a quick post, show off his all blue ribbons. As there were never any other little boy puppies in his age class, he was awarded blue each show.  Easy peasy. When it became evident that he did not have the spunk and heart required to be an outstanding show competitor we stopped his show career.  It was a great learning experience that I have never regretted. 

After hours of grooming, when he was in his prime, our Captain Hook, CH, Cappy:



Monday, July 3, 2017

Patricia Darby deHilster - - a Cousin Passes

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Recently Man and I learned of the passing of the wife of a cousin.  Pat was a dear lady, always fondly spoken of.

Here, in a photo taken in 2004 when Man and I visted them in Huntsville Alabama. Shortly they would move to California to join their son and recently, they moved cross country once again to Florida.

Their son, David has written some beautiful memorials to Pat.  Please read and learn about this special lady, at Patricia de Hilster - Patron of Science and Goodbye Mom.

Peace Pat, peace - - - 


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Granted a License to Sell Milk, 1897 Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota

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Now and then I find a news article a bit out of the ordinary, no police stuff, no wedding stuff, just well - - 

This is from the November 22, 1897 issue of the Star Tribune, published in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.

It is a notice of the granting of licenses for residents of the city of Minneapolis to sell, MILK.  Not booze, no moonshine, MILK!

I'm going out on a limb here to suggest that it may require a milk cow near the property to accomplish this, unless, of course, they go by vehicle to farms outside of the city limits to get their milk, daily??  No matter, the fun part here is:

H. W. Lashbrook, 3114 Morgan avenue north.

Who is in fact, W. H. Lashbrook (slight typo there), Man's great-grandfather, Wallace Henry Lashbrook.

The license appears to be valid for 6 months.

Yes, we researchers DO love our newspapers.

* Clipping courtesy of I have a subscription there, which I pay for.  Please see my Disclaimers Page at the top of this blog.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

You Called Me "a Damned Rogue and a Tory"?

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The family research continues, as does the consolidation projects.  Today, I found copies from a transcription type compiled records book titled, "Tattnall County, Georgia Loose Papers, 1801 - 1845, Volume One".  The work was abstracted by Sabina J. Murray and Compiled by the Huxford Genealogical Society.  I copied these pages a long while ago. (As in several years ago, maybe as far back as 2008.  Yea, really!!)

Here are a few entries from this work, all having to do with one Steven/Stephen Bowen.

     "April Term 1816- [Indictment]  The Grand Jury indicted Daniel Highsmith, yeoman, for assulating Steven Bowen at the house of James Handcock on 9 October 1815.
(True Bill)      Alex M. Allen, Atto. Genl.
The defendant, being an old man, is sentenced to pay a fine of $15., costs of prosecution, and then be discharged."
(Note - - I am having trouble with this last line, in view of all the following, subsequent entries.)

     "5 August 1816 -[Petition]  Stephen Bowen says he is not ready to come to trial this term with Daniel Highsmith for want of evidence which he has used all lawful means to obtain.
Wm. Johnson, J.P."

     "9 April 1817 - [Affidavit] Stephen Bowen says Daniel Highsmith abused and ill-treated him without any attempt on the part of Bowen.  Bowen admits he did make use of some harsh expressions such as that Highsmith was not a man of truth, but was provoked to it by a shower of abuse on the part of the defendant.
Jas. Perry, Clk.
A. M. Allen, Pltff. Atto."

"9 April 1817 - [Affadivit]  Personally appeared Daniel Highsmith, the defendant in an indictment, the State vs Highsmith, who being sworn saith that Stephen Bowen, the prosecutor, did on the 9 October 1815 make use of the most opprobrious epithets calling this deponent "a damned Rogue and a Tory", standing in a threatening attitude which caused this deponent in the heat of passion after (having warned the prosecutor not to repeat the same again) which he did to make a slight assault on the prosecution by striking the prosecutor with the arm and not the fist of the deponent, which was alone induced by the provoking language of the prosecutor used to this defendant.
John T. Sharpe, J. P."

"9 April 1817 - [Affidavit]  Arthur Boyd says on 10 October 1815 he came to the house of James Handcock and while Daniel Highsmith was lying on the floor of the house and Stephen Bowen was standing over him abusing Highsmith by calling him a Rogue or Tory, Highsmith warned Bowen not to repeat the names again, if he did he would strike him. Bowen repeated the names.  Highsmith arose and struck or shoved Bowen with his arm.  Arthur Boyd believes the assault would not have been made if the prosecutor had not used such language and persisted in the same.
John T. Sharpe, J. P."

"9 April 1817 -[Affidavit]  James Handcock says Daniel Highsmith was abusing Stephen Bowen at Handcock's house on 10 October 1815.  Handcock was afraid Daniel Highsmith would attack Bowen so he took him by the arm and led him away.  Highsmith threatened Bowen and James Handcock believes if it had not been for his intervention Highsmith would have attacked him.
James Perry, Clerk"

OK, now.  Seems Daniel took a bit unkindly to be called a "damned Rogue and a Tory". Imagine that?

It also seems that Daniel and Stephen Bowen are in-laws.  Or, in this case, out-laws??  I am still figuring it out, but, Daniel is either a brother-in-law or heaven forbid, a father-in-law.  See Stephen Bowen married Rachel Highsmith, reported to be a daughter of one Daniel.  

I am still building the families, but, there are a number of Daniels.  Two, maybe three, father, son, grandson.

I have no idea if James Handcock is kin, I don't think so.  

Of course, in this time frame, it gets pretty interesting and frankly, difficult to research. Sometimes these little snippets prove or disprove family trees I see floating around, even my own!  LOL

Believe me, this was not the only tuff between Bowen clan members I found in this book. There is the case of Bani Boyd, or Banish/Baniah Boyd, with  wife, or maybe a companion, by the name of Nancy Bird (daughter of Andrew) who was a bit underage when Bani reportedly "stole" her.  That case was dated 1816.  And, the fact that I do have a Bani Boyd who married a Nancy Bowen in 1811. Nancy Bowen would have been about 18 years of age in 1811, give or take.  And, he married another lady in 1821.

And, there is Mary Ann Bowen who in 1832 states she was "violently assaulted and roughly handled by Wade W. Coleman" and attempted to rape her.  I have not even tried to figure out who her parents were - - yet - - I will.

And, there is one named Daniel Highsmith who married a Millie in 1816, and even though he has tried to be a good husband, "Millie has beat his daughter and done other malicious acts.  He wants a divorce."

As I review the pages I have from this book I keep finding more and more "tifts" that involve Bowen and Highsmith clan members.  

Oh, yea, these pages are packed with rogues, rape, beatings, divorce and a accusation of being a "damned Tory" now and then.

*  In case you wondered, as did I:

1.  conveying or expressing opprobrium, as language or a speaker:
opprobrious invectives.
2. outrageously disgraceful or shameful:
opprobrious conduct.

Yea, that!

** And, if you are curious about Tories - - there is a LONG article at Wikipedia about Loyalists during the American Revolution.

*** Photo courtesy of Pixabay and WilliamCho

**** Image chosen because I could not locate something appropriate using the search term Tory or Rogue.  Just sayin - -