Saturday, April 21, 2018

Come With Reflections and Visit Nova Scotia

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As some of you know, around 2016 I was bullied and stalked. It was traumatic, as I thought they were friends. SIGHHH

Anyway, in July and August 2016 Man and I escaped for about 6 weeks. I went underground, and only told a few close family and friends. I did not post much on Facebook, but, I did have a secret group there where I kept a running dialog of where and what we were doing, for those family and friends that would have fretted about me.

I have wanted for some time to take those posts and transfer them into a blog/posts. Lately what with all the weirdness that Facebook has become, I decided enough procrastination. So, I spent these last couple of weeks hitting it hard, windy days that kept me inside Tana,  those days were helpful. 

I have extracted the info into 41 posts in a new blog, named "Reflections Visits Nova Scotia 2016".

Now, since my primary goal is to record our travels and adventures for me, I do not expect you all to go running over and reading this post by post by post! LOL. Seriously.

But, if you want, there are a few really nice photos, if I do say so myself.

If you want to spend some boring hours, here is the first post. After you read, or not, if you go to the bottom of the post, left side, you will see the word “Newer”. That will take you to the next day in the excursion to Nova Scotia. It’s the easiest way to maneuver.

I have also placed a permanent link to the entire blog at the very top of this blog.

By the way, along the way, we decided that Nova Scotia was Maine on steroids. It is stunningly beautiful!  Man speaks frequently of returning.


Saturday, April 7, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 11: Lucky

Copyright 2018, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

This post as part of my participation in Amy Johnson Crow's 2018 version of the 52 Ancestors meme. This weeks prompt is, "Lucky".  The prompt reads:

Do you have an ancestor who was lucky at something? Lucky to be alive? Lucky at cards? Lucky in love? Maybe you have an ancestor with a name that reminds you of luck or fortune. There's always "luck of the Irish." Maybe you have a story of how luck played a role in finding an ancestor.

Luck surely plays an important part in family research. Actually, I believe it is more that the ancestors want to be found and are not in a mood to play you along and string out the search any longer.  Here are several such lucky days in my family research.

There is the ZZ Trumbo cemetery visit.  It was a week big on drama. And, how Man drove within 50 feet of the burial spot.  I would have parked out front and never pulled way back in to the spot he chose to park the truck.  If memory serves, I was not kind to him, asking him, why in the world he parked wayyyyyy back there. Who knew??  The lucky one, this time, Man.

Searching for Hezekiah provided a photo and a long lovely ride in the country side finding the cemetery.  As usual when Man and I parked the vehicle, we separated, he took one side of the cemetery, I took the other.  I believe this find was mine.  The story is here.

The search for Mariah and Joseph Remley and her sister Susie Blanton was similar.  Man and I first visited in the days of walkie talkies.  He took off in one direction, I in another.  I remember no-see-em bites and that he found the burial spot, alas, NO headstone for Mariah or Joseph.  We do have a photo from our first visit in 2002, and we revisited in April 2016.  I wrote about the 2016 visit here. 

Despite all that "luck" I still get shivers when I think of the search for Man's ancestor Charles Clifford and his new bride, Plutheria (Phoebe) Clifford Clifford.  Yep, as far as I know, she was born a Clifford and married a Clifford.

I was looking for the Cliffords in the 1851 Canadian census.  You can read all about it in my post, One Memory, My Best Genealogy Day, Well, One of the Best.  

Lucky me, the lucky researcher.  Lucky!

* #52ancestors